Pre-Driver Setup: EcoWitt receivers must be configured to send data to the driver. Refer to their respective manuals for full details

Tested PWS Array Tested Sensors
Ambient Weather WS-1401-IP WH31 Temperature/Humidity
Ambient Weather WS-2902 WH32 Outdoor Temperature/Humidity
WH41 PM2.5 Air Quality
WH51 Soil Moisture
Coming Soon - WH57 Lightning Detector
Coming Soon - WH55 Water Leak

GW1000 Gateway

Setup is performed with the mobile app "WS View"

  1. Setup the gateway on your network and update the firmware
  2. In WS View go to device list and select your device
  3. Touch more in the top right
  4. Touch weather service
  5. Touch next (4 times) until you get to "Customized" option
  6. Select Enabled
  7. Protocol type same as EcoWitt
  8. Server IP is the IP of the XP processor
  9. Port must match what you define in the driver
  10. Upload interval is how often the gateway will send updates to the driver


Setup is performed at the display unit.

Driver configuration parameters and description of values

Driver Parameter Description / Information
EcoWitt Server Address XP Processor IP
EcoWitt Server Port Port on XP processor to use (greater than 1024)
Local PWs Check if you have a local PWS Array
WH31 Temperature/Humidity Sensors Check to include
WH51 Soil Moisture Sensors Check to include
WH41 PM2.5 Air Quality Sensors Check to include
Number of Sensors (all options) Enter the number of each type of sensor you are going to be using. This will create dynamic naming entries to name them.
Temperature Scale Fahrenheit / Celsius
Rain Fall Scale Inch / Millimeter
Wind Speed Scale MPH / KPH