nVent/Nuheat Signature NodeServer for Polisy

nVent/Nuheat Approved Driver

Official API

Driver allows homes or businesses with Universal Devices Polisy to:

  • Control multiple Signature thermostats
  • 2-Way status and control of thermostats
  • Minimal lag to thermostat for updates
  • Control is nearly instant
  • Set/Adjust Schedule Modes from Auto, Hold Until, Permanent
  • Set Group Away Mode (Away or Present)

Setup and Configuration

Installation is done through the Polyglot NodeServer Store from the Polyglot web interface. After installation be sure to Add the NodeServer.

When the nodeserver has been added navigate to the details page of the ST-Nuheat nodeserver and the select Configuration

Configuring the NodeServer

  • ShortPoll is the time period between queries of the Nuheat API. Default is 3 minutes (180 seconds)
  • LongPoll is not used at this time

The username/password is the same as used for configuring the mobile app or accessing the https://mynuheat.com web interface.

  • Username: mynuheat email address
  • Password: mynuheat password
  • Scale: Fahrenheit or Celsius

Tips and Tricks

Operating Modes

Nuheat Signature thermostats operate in one of two modes

  1. Auto
  2. Manual

In the Auto mode the scheduling is done from the thermostat, mobile app or the MyNuheat web interface. This scheduling is very good and works for most scenarios.

Manual mode turns off the online scheduling feature and leaves the thermostat in a fully manual mode. This mode provides a great deal of flexibility from a control perspective. Using a central control processor you can create and manage the schedules and zoning however you want. Temperature can be controlled based on home occupancy, room occupancy, time of day or any other system event that is captured and used for logic decisions.

Changing between operating modes can only be done at the physical thermostat.

Got to Settings → Setup/Preferences → Operating Mode

Changing to manual disables the local schedules and online schedules that are created/setup from the mobile app and MyNuheat web interface.

Group Away Mode

Groups provide flexibility for setting the Away mode. This can be used with a single thermostat in a group or with multiple thermostats in a group.

Setting the Away mode is a group level function. If more than one thermostat is in a group when the away mode is set from any thermostat in that group it will affect all group members.

For flexibility you can create a group for each thermostat to set away mode individually.